Discover a haven of tranquillity at the The Crest Resort and Pool Villas Phuket a luxury Collection of Andakira Hotels-Villas-Resorts, situated on the southern tip of Patong Peninsula area . Anda Spa at Andakira Crest Patong Spa Resort and Pool Villas as a luxury International Standard Spa and Holistic Wellness Village

Spa programs lasting three to seven days are complemented by the Island Spa Rejuvenation Menu, available at the Spa Village and organic menu in the Lighthouse restaurant up on the hillside with superb panorama view, and healthy-eating organic food recommendations are printed on all other restaurant menus.

Feel at one with the resort sea breeze 5 treatment rooms, a separate foot massage and Thai Masage room will make an impact as a spa village featuring separate bathing areas and outdoor showers and Wellness Mediation Sala.

Every day
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
The Spa recommends reserving spa services prior to your arrival at the Resort.

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    Nature – Inspired spa experience

    Sink into intuitive and healing massages that draw on ancient traditions and techniques to reinvigorate strength and vitality. All massages are available as 60-, 90- or 120-minute sessions.

    This is the ultimate massage experience, with two skilled therapists working in perfect tandem for a healing and sensorial indulgence.
    60 - 90 Minutes

    This gentle, restorative massage uses warm herbal oil for deep relaxation.
    60 - 120 Minutes

    This relaxing massage combines long kneading strokes, thumb circling and skin rolling with Sodashi's serenity oil – an indulgent blend of vetiver, mandarin, petigrain and cardamom plant essences.
    60 - 120 Minutes

    In this intense therapeutic treatment, your therapist uses highly targeted deep-pressure techniques to relieve muscular tension, drain toxins and aid the recovery of strained muscles after sports activities.
    90 Minutes

    Stretch and stimulate pressure points along the body's energy meridians with a traditional Thai massage. The treatment also boosts energy flow, improves flexibility and eases tension.
    60 - 120 Minutes

    Submit to the healing warmth of natural Phuket Water seashells, heated with a blend of dried kelp and rich algae minerals. Feel tension melt away as the shells are used in conjunction with a traditional Swedish massage focused on long, repetitive strokes.
    90 Minutes

    Combined with the healing benefits of virgin coconut oil, our unique blend of specialized massage techniques from all over Asia – including Thai nuat pressure point, Filipino hilot and Malaysian urut – is ideal for soothing aches and pains.
    60 - 120 Minutes

    This Classic Sodashi's Western Oils Massage works predominantly with the muscle, soft tissue and joint , Utilising Long , Rythmic Strokes, Request for ligt , medium or deep pressure
    60-120 MINUTES

    The powerful effects of aroma on the body and mind, combined with a technique designed to elicit a feeling of profound relaxation, make this massage an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to reduce stress. To ensure quality and achieve the desired effects, we have produced our own blends of aromatherapy oils, with a choice of Relaxing, Purifying or Uplifting.
    60 - 120 Minutes

    Healing with stones is an ancient form of therapy used by various cultures throughout the ages. Massaging the body using smooth, heated river rocks and the long, rhythmic strokes of Swedish massage techniques, resulting in deep relaxation and melting away of tension and stress. Available as a 90-minute Supreme massage only. Reservation must be made at least half an hour prior to treatment.
    90 Minutes

    The art of traditional shiatsu massage is passed on from generation to generation. The technique consists of long kneading strokes that focus on the muscles and pressure applied to various points on the body. This treatment uses pure essential oils of ylang ylang, orange, clove, ginger and patchouli.
    60 - 120 Minutes

    CHI NEI TSANG (Taoist Abdominal Massage)
    Unique to Thailand, Chi Nei Tsang is excellent for a diversity of health imbalances from digestive problems to nervous tension and stress. It promotes circulation and therefore health of the internal organs, while also balancing the nervous system to release stress and facilitate healing. A series of treatments is most beneficial. Chi Nei Tsang is especially recommended for all detoxification, stress release and weight balancing programs.
    60 – 120 MINUTES

Body Treatments

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    Body scrubs

    Revitalize your skin and stimulate your senses with Sodashi's all-natural scrubs.

    Sodashi organic green tea salt therapy exfoliation
    Rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and E, this blend of organic green tea and Himalayan salt deeply cleanses, infusing soothing properties to the underlying muscles and helping to repair everyday wear and tear. A richly scented Sodashi moisturizer leaves skin vibrant and replenished.
    60 Minutes

    Sodashi vanilla body bliss
    This gentle all-over exfoliation soothes and calms the mind and body while revitalizing and hydrating the skin. The active sandalwood powder eases aching muscles, and the delightful aromas of vanilla and coconut linger long after the treatment has ended. This treatment is safe and effective before, during and after pregnancy.
    60 Minutes

    Sodashi jojoba body polish
    With jojoba beads and Sodashi Plant Essence Synergy – an uplifting blend of ylang ylang, bergamot and patchouli – this all-over treatment oxygenates as it exfoliates. To finish, Sodashi's aromatic Deep Relax lotion hydrates and smoothes with oils of lavender, geranium and sweet orange. This treatment is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, and before, during and after pregnancy.
    60 Minutes

    Body wraps
    Tone, detoxify, condition and rejuvenate the skin with Sodashi's nurturing wraps, or simply surrender to their warm serenity and cocooning bliss.

    Sodashi contouring marine body wrap
    Tone your skin and tackle imperfections with this stimulating wrap. The treatment begins with an invigorating exfoliation with ground pumice and volcanic clay, followed by a comforting wrap of Sodashi's warm body mask. Rich in Sodashi's exclusive blend of marine extracts, plant essences and algae, the marine mask stimulates the lymphatic system and assists in the removal of accumulated toxins – a common cause of cellulite. After a refreshing shower, Sodashi's specialized contouring gel and cream leave skin feeling and looking toned and lustrous.
    90 Minutes

    Sodashi detoxifying marine body wrap
    Combining the richness of sea plants, algae, marine minerals and plant essences, this treatment is deeply detoxifying at all levels. First, an exfoliation with Sodashi's Organic Green Tea Salt Therapy leaves skin soft and enlivened. A warm Sodashi Marine Body Mask is then applied before the body is cocooned in a comforting wrap. A soothing scalp massage ensures total relaxation, and a luscious lotion rejuvenates the whole body.
    90 Minutes

    Sodashi refining body toner
    This treatment begins with Sodashi's Jojoba Body Polish to exfoliate and cleanse from head to toe. Sodashi's Refining Body Mask – rich in French pink clay and herbal extracts that firm, tone and condition the skin – is then applied before you enjoy a comforting body wrap and a relaxing scalp massage. This rejuvenating therapy is extremely beneficial in the treatment of scar tissue and stretch marks, and is safe and effective before, during and after pregnancy.
    60 Minutes

    Sun soother
    Soothing Sodashi compresses with lavender and geranium essences are gently placed over the body to calm redness and irritation. A cooling Sodashi mist is then spritzed on the skin to reduce body heat. A selection of treatment lotions is then applied to activate skin rejuvenation, moisturize, even skin tone and prevent skin damage.
    60 Minutes

Facial Treatments

These five specialty facials are enhanced by Sodashi's facial massage technique and complemented by natural skincare products tailored to your skin's individual needs.

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    Facial Treatments

    Sodashi Samadara ultimate age-defying
    To reawaken the skin's natural healing energies, this intensely hydrating, nourishing treatment uses a sequence of timeless anti-ageing techniques rooted in ayurvedic healing traditions. Skin is visibly transformed with increased firmness and elasticity, a youthful glow and reduced fine lines. A rose quartz crystal facial massage enables deeper penetration of the powerful Samadara ultimate age-defying cream for maximum benefit.
    105 Minutes

    Sodashi marine mineral
    Using the nurturing intelligence of marine plants such as spirulina and fucus, this facial brings renewed radiance and glow to your complexion. Tailored to your unique skin type, it's the perfect treatment to oxygenate, tone and revitalize the skin.
    60 Minutes

    Tropical flower revitalizer
    Take your skin on a journey of total renewal with this refreshing facial. Sodashi's warm aromatic facial compresses soften and exfoliate, and a nurturing face mask, rich in herbal extracts, purifies and hydrates. Tailored to your unique skin type and enhanced by Sodashi's facial massage techniques, this restorative treatment uses luxurious Sodashi Plant Essence Synergies to leave skin revitalized and refreshed.
    60 Minutes

    Crystal opulessence
    This unique and deeply relaxing facial experience uses the healing energy of carnelian, rose quartz and green aventurine crystals to bring new life and radiance to the complexion. Warm facial compresses and polish soften and exfoliate the skin, then a mask rich in minerals and restorative plant essences of jasmine and ylang ylang revitalizes. The results are impressive and help to bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.
    90 Minutes

    Sodashi mankind
    This deep-cleansing and exfoliating facial for men balances the skin's natural oils and helps prevent ingrown hairs. The treatment begins with a relaxing Sodashi Himalayan salt therapy back massage and ends with Sodashi's soothing mists, with woody aromas to desensitize the skin. Using tailored men's products and a relaxing facial massage, the facial cleans, tones and firms, leaving you looking and feeling fresh and revitalized.
    90 Minutes

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    Renewal Spa Treatments for Men

    Sodashi Mankind Ritual
    This revitalizing treatment starts with an Organic Green Tea Salt Therapy Exfoliation – a full body scrub using Himalayan salt and green tea to renew the skin and relax the body. This is followed by our signature Koh Chang massage using Sodashi Fitness Recovery Body Oil to relieve tension and stretch the muscles. The ritual concludes with a Sodashi Mankind Facial designed exclusively for men.
    2½ Hours

    Sodashi Mankind Facial
    This deep cleansing and exfoliating facial balances the skin's natural oils and helps prevent ingrown hairs. It begins with a relaxing Sodashi Himalayan salt therapy back massage and ends with Sodashi's soothing mists with woody aromas to desensitize the skin. With tailored men's products and a relaxing facial massage, it cleans, tones and firms leaving you looking and feeling fresh and revitalized.
    90 Minutes

    Sodashi Men's Pedicure
    In addition to a cuticle shape, file, buff and polish, this indulgent pedicure includes Sodashi's Himalayan Salt polish to refresh the skin and stimulate circulation, a nourishing foot mask and a relaxing massage with Sodashi's Mint Foot Cream.
    75 Minutes

    Sodashi Men's Manicure
    This nurturing treatment starts with warm aromatic compresses and is followed with Sodashi's Jojoba Bead Exfoliation. In addition to a cuticle shape, file, buff and polish, a deeply nourishing hand mask and soothing massage will leave even the hardest-working hands feeling soft and replenished.
    60 Minutes

Spa for Kids and Teens

Welcome to new ANDA Spa and Holistic Wellness Village at The Crest Resort and Pool Villas Phuket, where island-inspired treatments have been designed specifically for young bodies and minds.

As any grown-up will tell you, spa treatments make you feel great. But did you know they can also help your body and mind run at their best? Here at the Island Spa we've squeezed nature's magic into a series of treatments just for you: discover mud that cleans, miracle shells, and flowers and fruits that will leave you smiling from the inside out. And with our special interactive sessions, you'll learn that your health really is in your hands.

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    Dream massage with oil-blending session
    From eucalyptus to lavender, essential oils come from fruit, flowers, bark, wood, roots and leaves. Create your own personal blend of essential oils, then drift into dreamland as we massage you from top to toe.
    60 Minutes

    Magic shell massage with activation session
    Discover the natural wonder of lava shells! Watch in awe as the self-heating marine mixture warms up, then kick back as the tiger-striped clam shells work their magic on your muscles.
    60 Minutes

    Sodashi mummy and me
    Share some special island-time in your own over-water pavilion with a Flower Facial and Pedicure for Mum, and a Dream Massage and Sole Mate Pedicure for you. Blissful bonding at its best.
    90 Minutes

    Sole mate
    Treat your feet with this divine honeysuckle and pink grapefruit soak, pink grapefruit moisturizer and glamorous polish. Toe-tally gorgeous!
    45 Minutes

    Go nuts coconuts
    Discover why islanders call the coconut palm the "tree of life." From the scrub and the oil to the hair cream and drink, everything in this healing ritual comes from coconuts!
    90 Minutes

    Sodashi fabulous fingers
    Warm compresses, a gentle vanilla exfoliation, lemon-scented massage cream and a mini manicure – it's simply fabulous. We'll even add glitter and nail art for maximum beach chic.
    30 Minutes

    Note: All of the above treatments are suitable for children aged six years and older when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Island Spa Rituals

Let nature's bounty and ancient techniques, artfully tailored to rejuvenate your body and spirit, show you the way to the ultimate in spa luxury.

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    Sodashi sweet surrender ritual
    Surrender to tropical serenity with this calming ritual. Uncover your skin's youthfulness with a Vanilla Body Exfoliation using finely ground sandalwood, vanilla and wattle seed. A soothing full-body massage follows with Sodashi Serenity body oil, infused with vetiver and frankincense to restore tranquillity. The ritual ends with an uplifting Tropical Flower Revitalizer Facial with exotic clays and jasmine oil.
    2½ Hours

    Sodashi mankind ritual
    This revitalizing treatment for men starts with an Organic Green Tea Salt Therapy Exfoliation – a full-body scrub using Himalayan salt and green tea to renew the skin and relax the body. This is followed by our signature Ao Thamachart Massage using Sodashi Fitness Recovery body oil to relieve tension and stretch the muscles. The ritual concludes with a Sodashi Mankind Facial, designed exclusively for men.
    2½ Hours

    Jet lag recovery ritual
    This balancing top-to-toe treatment will boost and re-energize your whole system. It begins with a relaxing Aroma Massage followed by a Himalayan Salt Poultice and Body Wrap to stimulate circulation and reduce lethargy. To conclude, a beautiful Indian Hair Oil Treatment nourishes your hair and relaxes your scalp.
    2½ Hours

    Tranquil healing ritual
    A deeply relaxing herbal poultice massage soothes sore muscles, followed by the targeted use of Tibetan Singing Bowls to balance the body's energy centres. This intensely healing ritual concludes with a calming marma point face and scalp massage.
    2½ Hours

    Sembuh ritual
    Meaning "healing recovery" in Malay, this beautiful combination of body massage and facial uses warm crystals of aventurine and lapis lazuli to balance the chakras (energy vortexes) and promote deep inner recovery. Working along the body's meridians, the healing vibrations of the crystals combine with the soothing benefits of massage to balance and relax from top to toe.
    2½ Hours

    Phuket Ritual
    This locally inspired ritual combines our unique blend of specialized massage techniques from all over Asia with a cleansing coconut shell scrub, coconut milk wrap and nourishing coconut hair oil.
    2½ Hours

    Javanese Lulur Ritual
    Adapted from a traditional Asian bridal ritual, the Javanese Royal Lulur begins with a relaxing full-body massage and nourishing scrub with turmeric, sandalwood, rice powder and ginger root blends. A luscious lime and honey mask is then applied to nurture the skin, before an indulgent tropical flower bath and an application of lotion.
    2½ Hours

Bath Rituals

Sink into the restorative bliss of an aromatherapy bath, prepared by your very own Bath Butler in the comfort of your guest room, and discover the synergistic benefits of warm water and pure essential oils. Whether enjoyed as a leisurely morning or afternoon soak or a romantic after-dinner indulgence, bath rituals are available to prolong your spa experience at any prearranged time between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm.

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    Bedtime bliss
    Realign your natural sleep pattern with this calming, restful bath – the ideal bedtime relaxation for tense or restless souls. This bath is enjoyed in a soothing candlelit atmosphere and accompanied by poached pears, chamomile tea and biscotti.

    Iced sun soother
    Ideal for sunburned skin, this "icy-going" bath is as welcome as a summer breeze, soothing skin and stimulating the body's bioenergy cycles. Recuperate and cool down after a full day of sunshine with a glass of freshly made lemonade and this gentle ritual.

    Tropical aqua garden
    Sink into the scents of the tropics and reconnect with your inner power in your very own aqua hortus (water garden). Accompanied by a fresh coconut drink, a fruit platter and a ylang-ylang-scented face towel, this vibrant soak sets the mood for tropical romance.

    Biorhythm recharge
    Improve circulation and combat jet lag with this earthy and balancing bath. With ZEAL massage oil and a mint herbal poultice for a self-shoulder rub, this bath is ideal after a massage, or on alternate days to keep skin youthful. The ritual includes fresh multivitamin juice and sparkling water.

    Sodashi purifying mud
    Offering the deep-cleansing properties of French green clay, this warm, detoxifying bath draws out impurities while refreshing and healing the skin. Apply the face mask and cucumber eye pads, then sink back with the accompanying cucumber and celery virgin mojito for complete invigoration.

    Milk and honey
    No ordinary bathing experience, this warm, fragrant combination envelops the body in two of nature's oldest beauty elixirs. Follow the candle-lit trail, apply the honey and oatmeal face mask and then sink into the sweet cinnamon-scented water to rediscover sublimely soft skin. A sweet lassi drink and homemade cookies provide a comforting accompaniment.

    Designed to balance the heart chakra, this sensual, candle-lit ritual evokes a deep sense of comfort, inviting you to indulge all of your senses. Warm rose-scented face towels, flower-scented loofahs, rose massage oil, champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries round out this truly romantic experience, perfect for two.

    Bride's love
    Specially formulated for belles and brides-to-be, this bath includes a sweet and bubbly floral blend that will enrapture body and mind with the intoxicating aura of love. Flower-scented exfoliating loofah soap, a frangipani- and vanilla-scented face towel, a mimosa drink and fresh strawberries make this ritual even sweeter.

    Cleopatra's secret
    Discover Cleopatra's secret to eternally youthful skin with this healing combination of milk and natural extracts. Soften dry and rough skin from head to toe with a pumpkin pulp and egg-white face mask, a honey and brown-sugar exfoliating scrub and an olive-oil hair mask, then sink into deep relaxation with a frankincense-scented face towel. During your soak, enjoy a selection of Egyptian delights and fresh carrot juice.

    Dynamic detox cleanse
    This refreshing, deep-cleansing bath features rose to open the pores, seaweed and arnica to cleanse and mint and rosemary to heal aches and strains. Excellent after a day of intense physical activity and to restore clarity to body and mind, this revitalizing soak is complemented by herbal loofah soap, a peppermint-scented face towel, a ginger root Lomi Lomi drink and vegetable crudités.

    Temple calm
    Relax with this rebalancing, calming soak, ideal for some much-needed "me time." Earthy sandalwood and cedar soothe the senses while cleansing the skin and balancing the spirit. Featuring a black-rice soap bar to purify and Sodashi's men's face mist to revitalize, this grounding treat is rounded off with and a glass of Hennessy cognac and the pleasure of a fine cigar.

    Raspberry razzmatazz
    During this colourful, juicy bath with natural mango and raspberry shower gel, white rose petals, warm water and fabulous foam, kids can sip on a raspberry pureé and fresh mango mocktail and breathe in the delicious fruity aromas.

    Crazy about chocolate? Soak in organic white chocolate shower gel, marshmallows and Hershey's syrup swirls. Sip on hot cocoa and snack on marshmallows and freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies. It's a cozy and comforting dream come true!

Multi-day Spa Programs

Our multi-day spa programs are designed to address specific lifestyle needs, from detoxification and rejuvenation to romantic pampering for two. Sail to our holistic haven for the ultimate in self-renewal. Programs can also be tailored to individual needs. Please contact the Island Spa for further details.

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    Sodashi detoxify – five or seven days

    This deep purification program gently stimulates the body to release toxins and waste, relieving sluggishness and congestion. It's important to keep the body hydrated and rested throughout this process and to avoid alcohol.

    Day 1: Sodashi Marine Mineral Detoxifying Body Wrap with Dry Body Brushing – 60 minutes
    Day 2: Balinese Massage – 90 minutes
    Day 3: Organic Green Tea Salt Therapy Exfoliation – 60 minutes
    Day 4: Detox Yoga (followed by detox snacks) – 60 minutes
    Day 5: Aroma Massage & Himalayan Salt Poultice Treatment – 90 minutes
    Day 6: Sodashi Marine Mineral Detoxifying Body Wrap with Dry Body Brushing and Purity Facial – 120 minutes
    Day 7: Detox Bath (with detox snacks) – 60 minutes
    5 - 7 Days

    Anti-cellulite – five or seven days

    This targeted cellulite-busting program combines deep massage and lymphatic drainage techniques with detoxifying wraps to contour, sculpt and tone problem areas. It is important to keep the body well hydrated throughout this process and to avoid alcohol.

    Day 1: Day One Sodashi Contouring Marine Body Wrap – 90 minutes
    Day 2: Body Sculpting Massage – 75 minutes
    Day 3: Sodashi Detoxifying Marine Mineral Body Wrap – 90 minutes
    Day 4: Body Sculpting Massage – 75 minutes
    Day 5: Seaweed Wrap – 60 minutes
    Day 6: Body Sculpting Massage – 75 minutes
    Day 7: Refining Body Toner – 60 minutes
    5 - 7 Days

    Best of the Island Spa – three, five or seven days

    Experience the best of the Island Spa with this three-, five- or seven-day program that will take you from East to West and back again. Don't see your favourites here? Substitute our selection for your choice of like-for-like treatments (same type and duration) from the Island Spa Menu.

    Day 1: Ao Thamachart Massage – 60 minutes
    Day 2: Choice of Spa Ritual – 150 minutes
    Day 3: Reflexology – 60 minutes
    Day 4: Lava Shell Massage – 90 minutes
    Day 5: Four Hand Massage – 60 minutes
    Day 6: Sodashi Soothing Spa Pedicure and Gentle Touch Manicure – 120
    Day 7: Indian Hair Oil Treatment – 60 minutes

    3 - 7 Days

    Mothercare – three or five days

    Relax and renew with our pick of nurturing treatments, specially designed to nourish, tone and soothe during or after pregnancy.

    Day 1: Vanilla Scrub – 60 minutes
    Day 2: Pre / Post Natal Massage – 90 minutes
    Day 3: Indian Hair Oil Treatment and Tropical Flower Facial – 180 minutes
    Day 4: Refining Body Toner – 60 minutes
    Day 5: Pre/Post Natal Massage – 90 minutes
    3 - 5 Days

Salon Services

Indulge in soothing hair treatments with traditional oil blends, pampering hand and foot treatments, full hairdressing, and waxing and threading services. Please contact the Spa for details.

Men's and ladies' aesthetic services, including barber services, are available at the Spa. Hair treatments using traditional oils restore lustre and colour – perfect for hair and scalp conditioning. Manicures and pedicures include a sea-salt scrub and hand or foot massage with ocean lotion.

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    Hair treatments

    Sodashi hair and scalp conditioning treatment
    With warm aromatic foot compresses applied to the feet and a rich Sodashi Scalp Mud massaged over the scalp, this treatment relieves pressure and tension from top to toe. When left on the hair, the mud mask deeply nourishes the scalp and leaves hair silky, shiny and strengthened.
    60 Minutes

    Indian hair oil treatment
    Unlock the secret to healthy, lustrous hair with this intense conditioning treatment that combines a deep scalp massage with therapeutic and nourishing hair oil to maximize hair health and shine. While hair is cocooned in warm, moist towels, a hand massage completes the experience.
    60 Minutes

    Manicures and pedicures

    A healthy twist to a regular manicure. This deluxe treatment incorporates a unique French gommage hand exfoliation treatment based on eleven nourishing plant oils, myrrh nail oil, a hand soak in thermal minerals and essential oils, and a massage based on ylang ylang, melissa and lavender essences. The treatment concludes with a polish application of your choice.

    This pedicure helps to stimulate circulation as well as revitalise and re-mineralise tired feet. It uses the purifying and re-mineralising Moor Mud to soften hard skin and the therapeutic Fub Balm to refresh. The treatment concludes with a polish application of your choice.

    Sodashi gentle touch manicure
    This nurturing treatment starts with warm aromatic compresses and is followed with Sodashi's Jojoba Bead Exfoliation. In addition to a cuticle shape and nail file, buff and polish, a deeply nourishing hand mask and soothing massage will leave even the hardest-working hands feeling soft and replenished.
    60 Minutes

    Sodashi soothing pedicure
    In addition to a cuticle shape and nail file, buff and polish, this indulgent pedicure includes Sodashi's Himalayan Salt Polish to refresh the skin and stimulate circulation, a nourishing foot mask and a relaxing massage with Sodashi's mint foot cream.
    75 Minutes

    Waxing services

    • Eyebrow threading 15 minutes –
    • Full leg 60 minutes –
    • Half leg 30 minutes –
    • Underarm 15 minutes –
    • Bikini 45 minutes –

    Additional waxing treatments are available on request.

    Hairdressing services

    • Cut and blow dry (women) 60 minutes –
    • Cut and style (men) 45 minutes –
    • Shampoo and blow dry, short hair 45 minutes –
    • Shampoo and blow dry, long hair 60 minutes –
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