Andakira People Development Programe

We recognize that our success depends largely on our people and believe that every employee plays a vital role in delivering an exceptional experience to our guests that truly reflects Thai Hospitality combining with International standard with Andakira Touches


Our Learning & Development team at the Andakira Hospitality Management, Andakira Group corporate office in Phuket ensures that the quality of our training is consistent throughout the group, meeting the needs of our Team Members. Our training is flexible and adaptable to match the diversity of our guests and our properties.

Through performance appraisals, regular pulse surveys, career lattices, individual development plans and many other feedback and development methods, we ensure that we constantly strive to meet our Team Members' needs. This in turn instills pride in our Team Members, motivating them to exceed the needs of our guests.

We also offer internships for student trainees and a management training programme for hospitality graduates that shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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    An internship at a property within the Andakira Hospitality Group is the ideal way to take steps into the hospitality industry.

    You will learn to bridge the gap between theory and real-world experience by being exposed to the dynamics of day-to-day operations. We offer internships at our urban and resort properties. Every property offers a unique environment in which to work and to learn.

    We consider students from renowned Hospitality Management Schools who possess the right attitude and talent required to blend with the organizational culture. Opportunities do exist for successful interns to join the company on full-time assignments after they complete their studies.

    Internships are usually six months in duration. The decision to accept a student is taken by the property's senior management.

    For more information, please send us your request Email: [email protected]


    Our 1-year Management Training Programme is aimed at newly graduating individuals from hospitality schools around the world. This structured programme offers the opportunity to obtain hands-on exposure in one of our properties, opening the door to a rewarding and exciting career in hospitality management.

    The many contacts and networks that you build during the programme will lay the foundation for a solid future in this dynamic industry and in our growing company. Our management-training programme is the ideal opportunity for young hoteliers to demonstrate their leadership skills and prove their potential for advancement.

    Each personalized programme is adapted to the strengths, prior experience and needs of each management trainee. Common elements such as work reports, training records, special projects and regular meetings with other management trainees and corporate HR and evaluations ensure that you acquire the necessary skills and receive valuable feedback for your career growth.

    For more information, please send us your request Email: [email protected]

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