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Andakira Hospitality Management is a Thailand Lifestyle Hotel Management and Consultancy Company comprising its portfolio brands of Andakira Hotels and Resorts, Baramee by Andakira and The AIM by Andakira continues to strategically plan to expand the brand in the country's fastest growing cities Phuket, Bangkok and looking forward to expand its future plan in some of Thailand top holiday destination.

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    Management & Consulting

    Andakira Hospitality management part of Andakira Group is recognized for its expertise as owners and operators of independent hotels. The group has proven skill and success as a consultant, owner and/or manager of renowned and profitable hospitality establishments and projects through unique, comprehensive and professional services.

    Although we are young with 10 years of branding but with our details concepts on hotels, sales and marketing, finance and account it worth a while to gain our own brand to manage your property

    • Hotel or Resort Management & Operations
    • Hotel Apartment/Serviced Apartment Management
    • Licensed Hotel/Resort Affiliation
    • Hotel/Resort Joint Venture Agreement
    • Club Management
    • Spa Management
    • Restaurant Management
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Guest Satisfaction & Training
    • Revenue Management
    • Finance & Investment Assessment
    • Engineering & Maintenance

    Our Support

    • We are committed to provide the following support to owners of properties and joint venture partners
    • Instantly associated with the 3 of Unique Andakira Hospitality brand in Thailand
    • Exposure in all of the 3 signature brands of Hotel & Resorts' corporate collaterals and advertising
    • Dedicated page in our corporate website
    • On-line reservation system, which provides instant room confirmation
    • Extensive promotions at all major international trade show handled by our Andakira Hospitality Management central sales office
    • Access to services provided by our international sales network

    Product / Service Strategies of Andakira Hospitality Management part of Andakira Group

    Product/ Service Strategies

    Strategy on location

    All Andakira Group Properties and signature brands employs location as the main strategy and it unique design and concept to increase attractiveness of its product/service. It was found that target clientele want to stays longer in a Hotels that make them feel at home while on vacation or business agenda for a short or long term stay and that is quite, exclusive and close to the beach and commercial tourist related area. Therefore, it tried to located prime area of tourism such as Patong, Sathorn and others which is quite inside yet closed and in the middle of all attraction that the guests have in mind.

    Strategy on design

    The developers and the project itself tries to design the each hotel building and match timid landscape to attract the target clientele. The feeling of living closed to the nature and yet no to far from the commercial and entertainment center. The room are designed to be spacious for convenience and modern minimalist unique look through the external building itself, the room, the bath tub careful design to the luxury and exclusively for the niche market clientele. Every rooms, suites and villas are design to have private balcony and all the necessary upscale and luxury Hotel Service Apartment facilities even if it is a budget and economical property.

    Strategy on services

    The project highly values the quality of services so that the customer are impressed at every process of the service. This results in prolonging their stay and eventually leads to repeat buying and generate publicity through words of mouth. Therefore staff are carefully selected for their friendliness and professionalism and thus cheerful attributes as a charming Thai person. They have to go through period of training, exposure, follow ups and close evaluation with the existing Management and Head of Department.

    Strategy on additional services

    To meet the high demands of customer during their stay, the project will provide addition services to perfect their traveling experience. For example to provide a Tour Desk Counter who can arrange all activities that the guests need such as diving, sea excursion, full tours, half day tour and contacting business partners to service the customer in the project. Only recommend agent and carefully selected based on their exclusive service and privacy. In addition to give them with greatest satisfaction, the project can also earn an extra income through commission from the business partners. Directly manage a small intimate and exclusive Spa and Wellness Center to provide sufficient and effective world class spa treatment to the guest. An exclusive fine dining restaurant with wine cellars and perhaps cigar room with an island bar at one corner. A place where niche people or tourist meet and express their experience of holiday to newly found friends.

    Pricing Strategy

    Since all the Andakira Group properties is in different market or class or hotel right from budget savvy traveller up to niche market FIT even HIP (Highly Individual Person) aimed at all segment of young and young at heart tourist travellers, its pricing is set at the competitive rates and affordable for the economical and boutique travellers and even our niche market property is also a value added properties with competitive pricing.

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