Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) Being Green Hotels

Andakira Group is committed to engaging in positive community engagement and environmental conservation, currently waiting for leaf status in the Green Leaf Foundation (GLF). Annually the hotel holds CSR and 'going green' trips to areas surrounding Phuket and Bangkok to initiate and oversee a range of activities, such as beach clean-ups and hygiene seminars.

Andakira Group is committed to making a positive contribution in the communities in which they operate. In addition to its corporate efforts, IHG hotels are also very involved grass roots efforts within our local communities.

Our Guests have come to expect hotels to be environmentally-friendly - be it through water conservation efforts, recycling programs, energy saving initiatives and beyond.

All Andakira Group Properties committed with its green practices in implement as preventative measures to save unnecessary costs. Examples of these practices are:

  • Pollution prevention such as waste discharge into waterways
  • Energy consumption
  • Recycling

Other popular cost cutting measures for the short-, mid- and long-term include:

  • Use of compact fluorescent lights - saves energy.
  • Reuse of linens - saves water, detergent, energy and greenhouse gases.
  • Low-flow shower systems - saves water and energy.
  • Local products - save transportation costs.
  • Installation of green roofs - saves energy.
  • Installation of solar heaters or other renewable energy source - saves energy.
  • Reduced energy and water consumption costs by more than 20 percent.
  • Solid waste and waste water disposal costs by more than 15 percent.
  • Improved the quality of the environment in which they operate.
  • Improved staff motivation and community relation
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    Supporting Sustainability

    Andakira's commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility has put the company on a path to a better, more meaningful kind of success where resources are respected, communities enjoy opportunities and support, and careers and employment are abundant for the generations to come.

    Our basis for this commitment is rooted deep in Thai tradition, and we acknowledge and appreciate the fact that the strength of community, and the responsible treatment of the environment in which we all live, has a positive impact upon our business and consequently on the prosperity and security of the destinations where we operate.

    Our Vision

    We aspire to operate our business ethically and sustainably in a balanced manner across the entire portfolio, and are committed to integrating sustainable practices throughout our hotel operations whilst delivering excellent service for our guests.

    Sustainability Mission

    We are committed to operating our business to a high degree of ethical, social and environmentally responsible standards whilst providing an exceptional level of Thai hospitality. We aspire to encourage our stakeholders towards these same ideals, and we are committed to selecting environmentally friendly produce which in turn allows us to further incorporate sustainable development into our products and services. We are also committed to ensuring a respectful, safe and healthy environment for our employees.

    Sustainability Policy

    Andakira Group has identified and established the following seven key objectives to address our sustainability achievement.

    • Community: We will help and support the local community in which we conduct business through our own environmental and social initiatives.
    • Eco Technology: We will devote our resources to the introduction of new technologies and innovations in service which are environmentally friendly and which make commercial business sense.
    • Environment and Ecology: We are committed to the preservation of our environment practices according to best practice in the following key performance areas:

      • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency, conservation and management
      • Reducing water consumption through management of freshwater resources
      • Preserving our ecosystem within the resort as well as in nearby local communities
      • Raising social and cultural issues through involvement and contribution to local communities
      • Protecting the air quality both inside our buildings and outside and controlling noise pollution
      • Treating waste water to avoid polluting discharge
      • Treating harmful substances in an environmentally friendly way.

    • Partnership: We are committed to working with Government agencies and departments as well as local business associations and our suppliers to help us achieve our goals.
    • Product: We are conscientious about the selection of materials and products used in our organisation. Materials must be eco-friendly, such as bio-degradable and non-harmful to the environmental. Nothing which emits harmful CFCs or is toxic in nature is permissible.
    • Education: We are committed to the training and education of our employees and to making them and our guests aware of the environmental issues and their role in this programme.
    • Recycle: We are committed to minimise waste production through reduction, reuse and recycling of products.

    Environmental awareness is another integral part of our culture at the Andakira Group. We are committed to "Going Green" and reducing our carbon footprint as the sustainability of our environment is extremely important to every Andakira Associates.

    To date all operating properties in the Andakira Group Hotels portfolio is waiting for the approval of the Green Leaf Certificate by the Green Leaf Foundation for our ongoing environmental work.

    We are also the pledging for the Total Energy Management (TEM) Award—bestowed on hotels with an exemplary record in energy consumption and concern for the environment. In the future the Andakira Group Hotels portfolio also plans to join and actively partake in the international Green Globe initiative.

    At the Andakira Group, the owners, staff and management are firmly committed to protecting the environment and consistently upgrading the "green" standards of all of its businesses. Each of the group's six property would have an Environmental Committee, which regularly organizes training and awareness activities for staff and the local community. Yearly, we participated in tree planting, office recycling, growing and purchasing local produce, Earth Hour, World Environment Day, beach clean-ups, car-free day and Save Energy Day, just to name a few.

    We invite all our guests, clients, partners and suppliers to be a part of our effort to save the environment for a cleaner and brighter future. By thinking green, we can all change the world one thought, one action at a time.

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