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Andakira Hospitality Management part of Andakira Group is developed by a team of seasoned hotelier professionals support by our diversified and experience board of directors team, using cutting edge management and technology concept. Professional, trained- management team with varying experiences and areas of expertise. Having a intense intellectual capacity that understands every angle that covers all necessary function both in Hotel back office, operations and general management in Hotel Operations in International Standard Levels with value added local flairs. We have a vision to create a dynamic new standard for management and services in the hotel industry and achieve the highest recognition by the public in every potential area, both domestically and internationally. We also operate a tourism business with professional and dedicated management focused on the needs of customer, investors, and other stakeholders.

We are a professional management team with more than 30 years experience of tourism and hospitality business management. Our staff is a group of new generation professionals with "creative and out-of-the-box" ideas and technology to provide services that "respond" to every need for tourism and hospitality management and raise the clients' "impression" to the highest level of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. We specialize in full-service hospitality management up to the economical hospitality management and provide unique experiences, wherein the customer is the focus of our attention.

Andakira Hospitality Management or (ADKHM) means the combination of one or more hospitality related companies into a new entity. Strategically based in Phuket, Kingdom of Thailand, Andakira Hospitality Management part of Andakira Group (Better known as ADKHM) is a hospitality management and consulting firm specializing in hotel and property development in the Thailand region.

Andakira Hospitality Management part of Andakira Group carried out within an organization follows a defined sequence of steps and has quantified financial targets cost reduction and/or profit increase. It serves as a foundation for innovation throughout the organization, from hospitality consultancy services such as technical services, feasibility studies, rebranding, repositioning, people innovation and human resources, and software development to sales and service delivery functions to our clientele. Our management team guaranteed focused on every details matter and also a dedicated team that has a service mind who knows exactly what the client needs in every angle aspects of task.

Three strategic priorities

In 2014-2020, we established the following three strategic priorities:

  • Grow a diversified regional and global hospitality business
  • Deliver more hospitality service products and services of value
  • Simplify the operating model

We believe these priorities will enable us to navigate the coming years successfully and retain our leading-edge position as a company able to meet "clientele' and "providers' in all related hospitality industry needs into the future.

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    Andakira Hospitality Management part of Andakira Hotel Branding an expertise covers a broad range of lodging options of Andakira Group brands and we have a team dedicated from full services hotel brand to limited service hotel brand in small, mid, and large markets. Our Andakira Hospitality Management part of Andakira Group Hotels Branding division delivers a comprehensive range of services designed to maximize profitability and minimize risk. At the forefront of industry trends, and using our understanding and knowledge of current and future value drivers, we ensure you maintain appreciation and profitability on your asset.

    The term full or limited service should only be a classification of a type of facility. It should never define what a guest or owner feels. Andakira Hospitality Management part of Andakira Group's proven systems will maximize revenue management, exhaust marketing opportunities, insure Authentic Hospitality from the heart to every guest and guarantee an owner will have timely, accurate and transparent understanding of their money and investment.

    We provide turn key support from initial development strategy and financial modeling, through architectural and interior design, FF&E procurement, flowing into pre-opening marketing, staffing and startup operations, to ongoing smart management post-opening phase.

    Proven returns, market knowledge, transparent financials, passion. That's and we would like to learn of your ideas.

    At Andakira Hospitality Management part of Andakira Group Hotels Branding we are proud to introduce our renowned new corporate image brand identity and repositioning of our local hotel brands into the Thailand region.

    Hotel operator selection is a key factor in the overall success of an investment both in terms of selecting the right partner and putting in place the right terms and conditions. Agreements have to be balanced to permit operators to perform whilst allowing owners to oversee their investments.

    We negotiate and deliver the best commercial terms with the right partners to ensure the best results for our clients. Our keen understanding of branding, management structure and the small print of commercial terms allows us to deliver the ideal operator on the best possible terms every time whether it is for a new agreement or the re-negotiation of an existing contract.

    Andakira Hospitality Management part of Andakira Group employs a system-oriented process pre-qualifying the optimum brands for the project in order to find the most suitable operator from our wealth of industry relationships. When identifying brands many factors will be considered, amongst them the strength of the brand and its performance, positioning, regional experience, reservation system and fee structure.

    Our top line process

    Together with the client's appointed legal council, at the outset, we commence with negotiating the best possible terms and conditions on behalf of the client for the Memorandum of Understanding, Technical Services Agreement and the Hotel Management Agreement. We maximize value from the initiation of the project ensuring that the owner's vision is appropriately aligned with the objectives of the operator.

    • Short list appropriate operators for the property
    • Request proposals from selected operators
    • Evaluate interested operators on key attributes
    • Review and negotiate process with client's legal council to obtain best possible terms and conditions for:
    • The Memorandum of Understanding
    • Management Agreement
    • Technical Services Agreement

    Andakira Hospitality Management part of Andakira Group has experience and success with our own brand hotel management services contract.

    Contact us at [email protected] for further enquiries

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